Sickle Cell Association of Ontario, SCAO

President: Judy Grandison

Camp Jumoke

Camp Jumoke  is the organization that offer the  camp  experience for children living with Sickle Cell Disease  since 1994.

Camp Jumoke’s mission is to enrich the lives of children living with Sickle Cell Disease and its complications, one child at a time. Their  primary mandate is to provide children with the opportunity to attend summer camp at the host camp, Camp Wenonah in beautiful Brace bridge, Ontario for two weeks every summer.

Judy Grandson is the President/Executive Director of Camp Jumoke. She came to Sickle Cell Advocacy shortly after her son was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease in 2007. A diagnosis that came through the fact that SCD was recently added to newborn screening tests performed in Ontario.

Judy as been an active supporter of the SCD community for over 25 years.  As a member of the Camp Jumoke family, Judy has held various positions on the board including Event Director, Vice-President and ultimately, President.

 As President, she  continues to find ways to ensure children living with SCD can experience joys of living life as any other child.

The Lillie Johnson Excellence in Nursing Award

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Camp Jumoke

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